Advisory Committee Update

May 17th, 2017

“Waiting is difficult, isn't it? “This comment was penned seven days ago by the JOY Club member of our Advisory Committee, LoEtta Sellner, at the very end of her e-mail comments. Even those of us who serve directly on the Advisory Committee and receive nearly daily updates to our search process often find ourselves wanting to “know more and know faster.” Thank you for praying for our team, our church, and the candidates as we all endeavor to conduct our stewardship with diligent and prudent decision making. 

The Advisory Committee has been extremely busy in the last few weeks. We are now in the process of interviewing our pool of candidates. The initial interview is done via Skype (web meeting), and since May 1 we have hosted three such interviews, each being about 90 minutes long. During that session, the candidate is offered 30 minutes to ask questions. After each interview, the Advisory Committee has a time of “debrief” where we share observations and discuss specific next steps for each candidate. The follow-up process also includes our consultant, NL Moore & Associates. There is one additional Skype dialogue scheduled for the very short term future. 

The logical next-step with candidates is to interview them on-site, face-to-face. Since May 11, the Advisory Committee has hosted two of these interviews, each lasting a minimum of 90 minutes. Additional on-site meetings can be scheduled, based on the needs of the committee. If there is consensus within the team, a candidate can be removed from our existing pool at any point in time. At the time of this writing, this has not yet happened. 

The latter phase of our search process culminates when the Advisory Committee makes one recommendation to the Elder Board. At that point, the usual process would include a Second On-Site /Finalist Interview. The level of engagement with this visit is much more significant, and usually includes the candidate and his spouse attending the worship service as well as Formal time with the Elder Board. 

The Advisory Committee will continue to provide updates on our Senior Pastor search as we approach various milestones of progress. Thank you for your prayers and patience. “Waiting is difficult, isn't it?