Our Affiliation

We are affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America, a church network of 1498 churches with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What We Believe

Our doctrine is that of the Evangelical Free Church.  For a Statement of Faith, click here

Our Mission

Our mission is: Love God…love others…make disciples of Jesus (based onMatthew 22:34-40, 28:18-20)

Our Vision

We want to be, as Jesus put it, a “prevailing” church (Matthew 16:18), meaning that we want to make a difference in the world.  Our “business” is to make disciples (learning followers) of Jesus, so we envision “more” disciples (people placing their trust in Jesus) and “better” disciples (believers continuously growing in their faith).

Our Values

Our “mega” values consist of God, His word, and people.  There’s nothing more important than those entities.  Then, in light of what Jesus modeled and God’s word teaches, we have adopted the following operational values.  grace, truth/right, love.  

We have 4 Weekly “Biggies” that we remember according to an A-B-C format.             

A: Attend church…for worship and the word. 

B: Belong…to a small group. 

C: Contribute ...spiritual gifts and financial gifts. 

D: Do for…others with good deeds and good news.