9:00 am in Room 207 on Sundays

Currently this class is studying "When God?" by Andy Stanley. 

What do you do...

When God feels distant?
When God doesn't cooperate?
When God seems late?

We all face times when it feels like God is far away. Our prayers are unanswered and our circumstances go from bad to worse. During these times, God doesn't just seem distant; he seems distracted.

People tell us to pray more. Preachers tell us to have more faith. But what does the Bible say? In this series, Andy Stanley explores the lives of three men from the New Testament, each loved by God, but whose circumstances seemed to tell a different story.

You can join this class any Sunday you are here! 

Young Married /20's-30's Community Class

9:00 am in Room 301-302 on Sundays

If you are a young married couple and want to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ by interacting with other couples, then this is for you! Each week we will study a topic that is relevant to the struggles and issues that we face during this stage of our lives as well as pray for and get to know one another. Currently this class is going through a mini-series called "What On Earth Am I Here For?" by Rick Warren.

10:20 am in Room 207 on Sundays

Currently this class is going through the study by Chip Ingram called "Why I Believe". An apologetic series to address your "honest doubts" and most pivotal questions about the claims of the Christian faith: What happens when we die? Can miracles be explained? Is there really a God? Answers to questions such as these are as varied as they are confusing, and spring from a plethora of mystical belief systems. but the fact is, we can know the truth. There are solid, logical answers to satisfy the heart and the mind of those who are seeking. If you or someone you know has genuine questions about issues at the core of human existence, this series is an excellent resource.

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