9 AM class | Room 207 |  "Searching for Heaven on Earth" by Dr. David Jeremiah


In Searching for Heaven on Earth, Dr. Jeremiah goes verse by verse through Ecclesiastes. He explains Solomon's observations and implementations and shows how they failed. He explains Solomon's observations and implementations and shows how they failed- until Solomon's last observation gets it right. Let Solomon be your guide as you learn what doesn't bring meaning in life- and what does. 

10:30 AM in room 207 on sundays


At 10:30 AM there will be a new Sunday School class in room 207 called "Gripped by the Greatness of God?" by James Macdonald. This class will begin on Jan. 7th!

Is a vibrant faith only a distant memory? When did God last take you to the mat with the reality of His holiness? In Gripped by the Greatness of God, Pastor James MacDonald tackles powerful passages from the Old Testament book of Isaiah and inspires you to blow the dust off your picture of God and worship Him with passion and intensity. 

We will be starting a new series-“The Seven Churches of Revelation” starting Feb 25!

summit: Young Married /20's-30's Community Class


If you are a young married couple and want to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ by interacting with other couples, then this is for you! Each week we will study a topic that is relevant to the struggles and issues that we face during this stage of our lives as well as pray for and get to know one another. 

Summit is currently going through the study, "Song of Solomon" by Tommy Nelson.

Class begins Sundays at 9 AM in room 301/302. Hope to see you there!